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 1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.

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New Member
New Member

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PostSubject: 1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.   Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:31 pm

Hey guys, I want to talk about my car, what its been through, where it is, and where its going with future plans.

Lets start with when I got the car. It was very early February 2013, my Camry was falling apart, and I had a girlfriend with a newborn baby, literally about a week before getting this car, and we figured my Camry unsafe for the baby to travel in...Good thing, because the very next time I drove it, the brakes fell out from under it. So, and I know I'm going to get hate for this, my dad had just got his income tax and decided to go ahead and get me a car. We searched, and this is what I landed in. The 93 Corolla.

So time went on, me and that girl ended up splitting so it was no longer a "family car" to me lol. Almost a year later, I in my stupidity and anger one day was to tough with the car, and I blew the engine not 3 miles later...Stuck on the side of the road for 8 hours in the sun, actually got sun poisoning and about passed out. So it was towed away, and a guy looked at it. He said it wasn't good, but it could still be driven, carefully. Well that only lasted about 2-3 weeks, before it died on me again, this time for good. A couple months passed, and eventually we made a good deal on a motor and swap job, and once again life was breathed into my car.
Here it is while getting the engine swap...yes, thats a big 18 inch rim on it, dude doing the work was trying to sell them to me but they would not fit right.

That engine is still propelling me today but it does feel kind of weak at times. Here's where it gets a bit more sad. A few months after getting it back from the shop, I was sitting infront of a friend's house talking to him, literally me sitting in the drivers seat of the car leaned out the door talking to him, and his neighbor backs right into me with her Honda...And then proceeds to act a fool like it was my fault she can't drive. So that got all settled up with the police and stuff, she was of course found at complete fault, considering my car wasn't even running let alone was I moving...
The battlescars.

Obviously only cosmetic damage, so I ended up driving it around for a couple months like that, while insurance was all figured out and we got out settlement. At the beginning of this summer, we got a deal made to fix the damage, and paint the car. Took about a month, but I was happy with the results.

Left it alone for a while, but with getting a new job I ended up spending some money on it for a couple more improvements. First I got myself a nice set of hubcaps. I also got an exhaust tip, yes, decorative, but hey, it looks good and isn't a dumb fart cannon, so whats so bad there? Here it is as it is today, granted without the exhaust tip as this pics about a month old, and I just put the tip on a few days ago.

Plans for the future...
I have some ridiculous plans for the future, some people might hate them, some might like them, either way is fine with me because its my car. Lol.
Lights--All around I plan to replace the lights. Headlights, taillights, turn signals, even the rear deck lid cover, with aftermarket pieces that will look much better.
Grill--I plan to remove the stock grill with the Toyota emblem and replace it with a blacked out mesh grill. I might eventually put a TRD emblem inside it.
Emblems--I already have them, just need to put them on, but I'm putting 2 chrome Decepticon emblems on the sides...some may be like "Isn't that some kids show stuff?" and to that, I say its my car, its called the "Deceptirolla" for a reason lol.
The big plan--This is for the future, a bit further on down the road then those smaller things...Once I have the money together, me and my friend are going to do something crazy with it. Going to engine and drivetrain swap it completely, with a turbo V6, and rear wheel drive swap. This is also going to include a full coil over setup that can handle the major changes in how the car will drive and handle the power, and some tires with a bit more meat to handle it all as well.

What are your thoughts? Criticism is fine, but don't be rude about it please.
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Elite Member
Elite Member

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Location : Louisiana

PostSubject: Re: 1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.   Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:39 am

Welcome...TBH, I liked the blue color better, and you should probably save the money for the swap instead of wasting it on plastic wheel covers.

Anyway, the JDM look is popular as far as headlights, taillights, and grill is concerned. Also, I saw someone was doing a 6 cyl swap on theirs so maybe you can get some guidance from him. It won't be easy but, should be worth it in the end...good luck

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New Member
New Member

Posts : 7
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Join date : 2014-10-10
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: 1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.   Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:55 am

I was literally making 80 bucks a week at the job I was just working, I was tired of it looking horrible with only 2 stock hubcaps on it, and its not like that job would ever contribute to the pricey swap lol. I'm a fan of blue but I like electric blue, and I like black cars, plus with the repairs to the damage the car needed painted anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: 1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.   

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1993 AE101 Past, Present, and Future plans.
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